The next step is assisting our friends and neighbors in the community as they move beyond the food lines and the shelters and on a path towards gainful employment, adequate housing, and reliable transportation. 


There is potential in each of us.  We all possess individual strengths.   Everyone has an unique vision for their life.  Our coaches help identify that burning passion within each of us and match it with a career field that will leverage our strengths and provide a real sense of purpose.  This is accomplished through individual coaching, group coaching, and participation within a MasterMind group.


Reliable transportation is a real obstacle for those we serve.  Those in our community are challenged to find the means to visit doctors, make job interviews, or to simply go to the store to purchase groceries.  30X5 works with our community members to identify transportation options.  


Many of those we serve have suffered a major setback and discover themselves at the local emergency shelter.  Our coaches work with these individuals to explore possible housing options, develop a plan to pursue those options, and assist them through the process.  

You cannot change your life until you change something you do every day.
— John C. Maxwell